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Kyle Rootsaert, PharmD.
BC-ADM, Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach

Aka the "Unscripted Pharmacist"

My personal journey started as a retail pharmacist just trying to help diabetic patients.  What I've learned over the last decade is that teaching patients about the impact of diet, medications and lifestyle is the most important tool for improving health outcomes.  

I wanted to use my background as a pharmacist to fill that need for patient education. Unlike pharmacy school, I now have evidence-based information at my fingertips.  And for the curious-minded, there are several clever ways to discover where conflicts of interest in the government, food, and pharmaceutical industries have shaped our misunderstanding of chronic disease. 

On a personal level, I found the ketogenic diet to be a powerful tool in helping me drop over 50 pounds and fuel my newly found passion for the watersport, SUP (stand-up paddle).   I was able to achieve this goal and significantly improve various health markers. This personal dietary experiment added passion to my career transition from a traditional retail pharmacist to an educator and coach. Before I knew it, I was offering diabetes classes and leading a weekly support group.  

With recent advances in wearable technologies like CGMs (continuous glucose monitoring) and smart watches, patients can get important feedback in real-time regarding the consequences of their choices.  My role is to facilitate learning as they navigate their own personal trek back to better health.

Ready to change your life?

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